Facebook Freedom

Facebook has been bugging me for some time. Besides their gradual-yet-persistent invasion of my personal space and information – to be expected, I suppose, for a site that is free but now has to answer to stockholders – I have noticed an increasing occurrence of Stuff I Just Don’t Want To See. This Stuff, whether posted by Facebook contacts or “suggested” by Facebook itself, is not good for my soul (or yours) and I would rather just not have to deal with it anymore.

One of the things that I will really miss about Facebook is the ability to interact. This is possible on a blog but only in a far more limited fashion. One, because it is not as easy to check in on individual blogs, whereas Facebook puts everything front and center in your “feed”. Two, because I will have to moderate comments on my posts here so that I can keep spam and other undesirable stuff out – so there will be a delay in your comment’s appearing. Three, because probably fewer people will take the time to visit this page. Four, because you won’t be able to share your things with me by making posts to my timeline or tagging me or what-not.

In any case, I think this is the best thing for me to do at this time. This way, I can continue to share things that interest me, such as photographs of Rome and other places I might travel, posts about things Catholic, and other personal items… but without the above-mentioned annoyances that Facebook has lately given me. I hope you’ll stop by from time to time, and please always feel free to send me an email – my address is in the “About” page linked above. In particular, if you have a special prayer intention, please don’t hesitate to share it with me!

God bless!

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6 Responses to Facebook Freedom

  1. Would it be wrong of me to share this post on on FB?

    We’ll miss you on the FB. I will subscribe to your blog and I will keep praying for you!

  2. bjerabek says:

    You can share whatever you’d like!

  3. Also, I will share my blog with you. Maybe you’ll drop by there, too.


  4. Warm Southern Breeze says:

    Glad to see you come on board, Fr.!

  5. Fr. Jerabek,

    I quite Facebook 6 months ago for all of the exact same reasons you listed above, in a certain way I felt “bogged down” by Facebook. At the same time I wanted to stay in touch with my family and friends who live all over the world, as I value all of those relationships a great deal and did not want them to suffer from a lack of communication. So just like you, a few months ago I started posting updates on what was going on in my life on a WordPress site so everyone could keep in touch. I have been very happy with this decision and hope you are too.

    God Bless and know of my prayers.

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