Our True Home

Rome is “home” right now – it’s where I spend most of the time, being my current assignment… and I’ve gotten used to the bed. Even still, I always look forward to being back in the Diocese, and the Cathedral is my home there at the present moment.

But I also look forward to going “home home”, to where my biological family is, my first home – that is, New Hampshire. Sadly, I won’t be able to go there for a couple more months. (My siblings had better get ready, because once I’m there I’ll be holding their children all the time, that is except when their diapers need changing or they need a feeding). Going home is a nice thing to look forward to!

The beautiful New Hampshire seacoast.

The beautiful New Hampshire seacoast.

Most of us have several different homes during our sojourn on earth. Some have multiple homes simultaneously. But we all need to think about our permanent home – that to which we look forward and toward which we strive, with God’s gracious help, each day: our true home in heaven. Is the way we are living now helping us to get there?

The following is a prayer for a holy death – an intention for which we should often pray!

Let us pray.

O Christ, let me confess Your name with my last breath. In Your great mercy receive me and do not disappoint me in my hope. Open the gates of life for me, and let the prince of darkness have no power over me. Protect me by Your kindness, shield me with Your might, and lead me by Your right hand to the place of refreshment, the home You have prepared for Your servants and for those who revere You. Amen.

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