St. Paul’s Stay in Rome

Today’s first reading for Holy Mass speaks about St. Paul’s two year stay in Rome.

The place where he is said to have stayed (of course, there are conflicting traditions) is just two blocks from where I live. And – surprise! – a beautiful, old basilica sits on the site today.

A religious order lives here and they have Eucharistic adoration every evening.

There is a miraculous image of Our Lady on the back (apse) wall, above the high altar.

The Basilica of Santa Maria in Via Lata hosts Eucharistic adoration each evening for several hours. Sometimes there are quite a few people in there. It’s wonderful to see ordinary folks (locals) taking a moment to stop in and pray, combined with tourists who stop by out of curiosity while walking down the busy Via del Corso outside. And it’s wonderful to pray in a Church that sits on such a historic site, and think about all that must have happened there!

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