Right in Front of Your Face!

It is very easy to walk past things in Rome without noticing them – there are so many beautiful details that many are easy to miss.

I’ve been here for a couple months shy of two years now, and only recently did I notice this Madonna and Child on the building next door to mine!

Someone’s watching you!

I don’t recall the name of this type of ceramic art, but I’ve seen it in various parts of Italy. I believe it’s glazed terracotta. Very beautiful, and a nice “new” detail to notice amidst my routine walking around!

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2 Responses to Right in Front of Your Face!

  1. Charlotte says:

    It’s beautiful Father! But it looks very new, or maybe it’s just been restored or well maintained. Any idea when it was put there?

    Also, please keep us and the rest of the Texas Williamses in your prayers. We are in for some weather like OK had yesterday. Thank you!

    • I have no idea how old it might be; the building across from it was built in 1927; this particular building might be older but it’s part of the same complex. And in any case they have all been renovated at various times. I would think it’s from sometime in the last century.

      Prayers! Stay safe!

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