Religion in Action

Here is a photo that I took today (at a hip and edgy angle) in one of my favorite churches of Rome, the Gesù.

Take that!

This grouping of statues – located next to the tomb of St. Ignatius of Loyola – is called “Religion Scourging Heresy”. Shown is a female figure (allegorically representing the virtue of religion) holding a flame (representing truth, I think) and the Cross, while two vile heretics, unable to withstand it, fall in fear and pain beneath her. I love it!

It is worth recalling from time to time that such images emerged from a robust Catholic culture that succeeded in evangelizing entire peoples and contributing in a remarkable way to the development of Western culture.

As we take our own part in the “New Evangelization” we should not be afraid to recognize error for what it is, and on the other hand recognize that there is a truth that is over all, not a personal truth for each individual. And from that recognition we should seek to share the truth in charity with others, patiently leading them out of error and into the peace that living in the truth brings.

St. Ignatius of Loyola, pray for us!

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