How to Replace a Floor – In Italy

The building that I live in is several hundred years old. Older than the United States of America. And it is solid as a rock because, like practically every building in Italy, it is constructed of cement and stucco.

This, then, is how you replace a tile floor in such a structure:

First you wait until all the priests are studying for exams, then you get a jackhammer…

This is in a room that is a couple of floors above street level. Apparently the subfloor is thick enough concrete that you can jackhammer a couple of inches into it without compromising the overall structure!

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3 Responses to How to Replace a Floor – In Italy

  1. bob Boffa says:

    And upon this ROCK I will build my church….. lol

  2. Very nice. You’ll post a pic of the completed project?

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