Tornadoes in Rome

No, not real tornadoes. Just in my dreams. Or nightmares, rather.

Summer is finally arriving here in Rome, with temperatures heading into the 90s this week.

And 3000% humidity.

So it’s time to do a very un-Italian thing: close all the windows and shades, and turn on the AC. This beast:

Bequeathed to me by a friend who finished his studies here just before I arrived.

It roars, not unlike a jet engine.

So last night I went to bed psyching myself up for having to get up early this morning – a little too much, because I slept restlessly. And having the AC on for the first time, my subconscious translated the roaring sound into nightmares about tornadoes!

I’ve been close to tornadoes, but never experienced one passing near enough for me to have heard the sound. I only know what others have told me about the experience.

Maybe tonight I’ll dream about roaring jet engines… taking me back to the land of central air – and real tornadoes!

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4 Responses to Tornadoes in Rome

  1. Johanna says:

    Ear plugs?

    • I’ve tried sleeping with earplugs in the past in various situations but as I recall at least one of them would fall out and/or I just never really got used to it. I think that if I run the a/c all day, however, then by the time I go to bed I can just leave the ceiling fans on and open the windows and it will be sufficiently cool that I won’t need to keep the a/c going at night. Yesterday I was out most of the day, and came back to a hot room, which is why I decided to run it at night.

  2. Jenny says:

    The persistent roar of Harley’s has been a nice touch this past few days, too. Take me home, America…

  3. Charlotte says:

    I have recurrent dreams about tornadoes so I sympathize! I imagine you’ll get used to the sound eventually. And yes, having heard a real tornado (just an F1) a few years ago that came through our neighborhood, it sounds exactly like everyone always says! Sweet dreams!

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