Summer Assignment

One week from today I will be boarding a plane for Mexico: a layover in Paris, then direct to Mexico City. The next morning, I’ll take a bus to the city of Querétaro.

“Los Arcos” – the remains of the city’s famous 18th century aqueduct. (I didn’t take this picture. I think I found it on a tourism web site.)

I studied Spanish there in the summer of 2006 (photos). This summer, Bishop Baker is sending me to accompany three of our diocesan seminarians who are going there to study.

Mexico is a wonderful country and I look forward to being back! As we go on weekend pilgrimages to places like the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, be sure that I will share photos and thoughts here on the blog.

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4 Responses to Summer Assignment

  1. Warm Southern Breeze says:

    The Roman aqueduct system is an engineering marvel of the world, even to this day!

  2. Bob Boffa says:

    Go with God! The italians will be in mourning!

  3. Pamela Fuerst says:

    I look forward to stories and photos of your adventures in Mexico! Thank you so much for continuing to share with us, your emails are always looked forward to! Will you be returning to Rome in the fall?

    • I have one year to go in Italy, so I will come back here at the end of August, following a three week visit to the States after the time in Mexico.

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