San Luigi Gonzaga

I prayed for you all this afternoon at the tomb of St. Aloysius Gonzaga. In Italian, that’s “Luigi” Gonzaga.

Look at all that Lapis Lazuli

There I also prayed for a priest who is dying (whom I knew from my seminary days) – news that I just heard about before going out this afternoon. Please pray for him also. I remember him as a zealous and holy priest; he’s had a difficult bill of health for several years now and surely he could use all of our prayers in his final moments.

In fact, in Italian (and Spanish), to say that someone is dying, you say that they are “agonizing”. That is a very fitting way to put it, because the pain that accompanies death from illness can often be quite formidable – and sometimes drawn out. But it is all for a good purpose when offered in unison with our Lord’s suffering on the Cross.

Let us pray.

Most Merciful Jesus, lover of souls, I pray You,
by the agony of Your most Sacred Heart,
and by the sorrows of Your Immaculate Mother,
to wash in Your Most Precious Blood
the sinners of the world who are now in their agony
and who will die today.
Heart of Jesus, once in agony, have mercy on the dying.

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