Baroque Contraption

I was at the Gesù last evening during their daily “show” on the life of St. Ignatius, wherein a recording is played narrating significant events of his life as spotlights shine on different scenes of the tableau surrounding his tomb. At the end of the production, the enormous painting above the tomb lowers – by means of a baroque-era mechanism – to unveil the precious jewel-encrusted silver statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Here is a video that I shot of that final part of the presentation. The video is 4.5 minutes long; after the painting is lowered, the narrator reads the famous prayer “Anima Christi”. Following that there is a reading of a scripture passage. At some point the lights come on, etc. Then towards the end I pan the camera a bit around the church.

This was a fairly expensive camera, incidentally, and each time I use it I think the quality goes down. I’m starting to think that cameras are like watches. The last two mildly-expensive watches that I bought ($60-$90 range) did not last very long at all, whereas the cheap $20 Walmart watch that I have been using since then is seemingly going to last forever. In the same way, I get the impression that a $100 point-and-shoot would do better work than this expensive camera that I have… Alas!

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