Arrivederci Roma

With this post I am turning out the lights here in my Roman lodgings and heading out to the not-so-lovely Fiumicino Airport for my trip to Mexico.

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I have an Alitalia flight from here to Paris, then from there on Air France to Mexico City. As I said before, I’ll be in Mexico for six weeks. It will be nice to be back there.

Tonight I’ll be taking up temporary residence in one of the Mexico City airport hotels, and in the morning I’ll continue on a “first class” coach bus (the seats are nice and they give you a non-refrigerated pre-packaged sandwich and a drink when you get on board – ticket cost $20.34) to the city of Querétaro, a three hour ride from the Mexico City Airport. There I’ll be staying with a nice host family.

In addition to all the usual things one packs for several weeks away from home, I am also armed with antibiotics in case I should end up getting “Montezuma’s revenge”…

“Be Prepared”

Hopefully I won’t need them!

The water – as everyone knows – is not safe to drink in Mexico. So practically everyone there has water delivered and in every home there is a contraption for pouring the water out of the big jugs (I don’t know why they just don’t get water coolers like we have back home…). Still, one usually brushes one’s teeth with the tap water, and some restaurants break the rules and wash the veggies with it or something. So it’s practically impossible to avoid getting at least a touch of “distress”. In any case, thankfully I did not get anything serious on my previous trips, and may this one go just as well!

The seminarians will be arriving tomorrow evening, and I’ll meet them at the airport. Tuesday will bring a sort of orientation day so that they can get settled with their host families, figure out the city, and get to know the school. Wednesday, classes will begin for them.

Among the many projects I have to work on over the summer, I’ll be translating a couple of articles for someone, doing the outline for my thesis paper (for the License in Canon Law that I am working on), and I have several books to read for school as well, not to mention studying, etc.

This coming weekend we will have our first cultural excursion, going to Mexico City. There we’ll make a pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Shrine of Blessed Miguel Pro, and see a number of other sights. I will be taking up a collection of Prayer Requests later this week.

There will be plenty of photos and other things to share, so stay tuned! Please pray for safe travels for me and the seminarians!

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4 Responses to Arrivederci Roma

  1. cherylbender says:

    Have a safe trip.

  2. bobboffa says:

    If possible can you name , names? so we may pray for them? Also after this will you wind up home here, or back to ROMA? I guess we must share our gifted priests with the world!

  3. Stuart says:

    Have enjoyed reading your posts from Rome. Safe Journey!

  4. Rob Kuehn says:

    Safe travels. You are getting some great life experiences as Fr. Globetrotter :-). And the Church is better for it.

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