Family Mascot

On a lighter note…

In Spanish they use the same word for both “pet” and “mascot”: mascota. In English, saying that you have a “family mascot” surely sounds much more interesting and important than saying that you have a “family pet”, yes?

The family I am staying with has a cockatiel, which lives in a cage in the entryway of their home:

That might look like a bird “smile”, but he’s actually hissing at me and making menacing movements: “stick your finger through the bars, I dare you!”

It doesn’t like me. In spite of my whistling and stopping to say hi whenever I walk by.

I mentioned this to the house mother (Cata) this morning, and she said, “I don’t think he likes us either”.

The problem might be that he doesn’t have a name. Cata explained to me that in Spanish the word for cockatiel is “ninfa” (which, incidentally, is also how they say “nymph”, and anyway it’s a cool-sounding word). So I think I’m just going to start calling him Ninfa. Maybe he’ll warm up to me?

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2 Responses to Family Mascot

  1. Phillip says:

    Maybe if you give them food they like it will help. I wonder if they like to eat suet cake, I know when I had that on a bird feeder once the birds loved it.

  2. J.M.C. says:

    I think what he’s really saying with that “smile” is: “Come over for a bite sometime!” Glad to see you’re doing well in Mexico.

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