Today’s Decision

In light of today’s tragic Supreme Court decision – yet another nail in the coffin for our country – I would like to refer you again to my previous article, Biology and Behavior.

Public opinion (even among Catholics) has been swayed on matters like gay “marriage”, not because of any sort of rational argumentation, but because of the culture of sentimentality that we live in – a culture that promotes concepts like fairness (divorced from any concept of truth or justice) and tolerance (divorced from its original meaning of bearing with something that was objectively bad).

If we don’t do our homework and understand the reasons behind our belief about the true meaning of marriage – reasons which, by the way, are from the natural law and therefore accessible to human reason and without any special revelation from God – then we will never be able to overcome this historic and terrible decline that we are witnessing firsthand.

Marriage is, always has been, and always will be between one man and one woman.

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