Soap Bubbles

Pope Francis is very good at coming up with creative, incisive images to help us understand certain tendencies in our spiritual lives. I posted before about his use of the term “God spray“.

Today, in his first apostolic voyage as Pope, he visited the small island of Lampedusa, Italy, located in the middle of the Mediterranean between Sicily and the North Africa Coast. He went there to memorialize the “boat people” from North Africa who have died at sea while trying to immigrate to Italy for a better life.

Here is today’s special image:

The culture of comfort, which makes us think only of ourselves, makes us insensitive to the cries of other people, makes us live in soap bubbles which, however lovely, are insubstantial; they offer a fleeting and empty illusion which results in indifference to others; indeed, it even leads to the globalization of indifference. In this globalized world, we have fallen into globalized indifference. We have become used to the suffering of others: it doesn’t affect me; it doesn’t concern me; it’s none of my business!

Image from Wikimedia Commons

I think this is a great image of the culture of comfort in which we live. “The soap bubble culture”! Another homiletic home run. You can read the entire homily here.

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