Catholic Mexico

Here a couple of views of the Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart (Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón) in the city of León, Mexico. It was built in the last century, entirely from donations of the faithful.

The priest whose idea it was to build this church was inspired by the Basilica of Notre Dame of Paris

On the side of the church they project an illuminated display several nights of week illustrating the history of the Cristero War and the Mexican Martyrs, with people gathering in this plaza to watch.

Beneath the tympanum carving it says, in Spanish, “Behold the Heart which has so loved men”; the smaller shields to the left and the right say, respectively, “All for Thee, Divine Heart of Jesus”, and “Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Thee I trust.”

The above is the central door; there is also a left and a right door. The three doors depict the three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity.

Finally, a view of the interior:

The stained glass was very colorful and of a more contemporary style.

Parts of this church were still being completed as recently as the last 20 years. May it be an inspiration for future church building!

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