Jesus’ Grandparents

Today is the feast day of Our Lord’s grandparents, Saints Joachim and Ann. There is great devotion to these saints here in Mexico.

Saint Ann, holding a selection from the Old Testament and standing with the child Mary. For some reason I didn’t photograph the statue of St. Joachim.

All that we know about these saints – including their names – comes to us via ancient traditions. They are not mentioned in Sacred Scripture.

I would say that, overall, devotion to St. Ann is greater – pretty much everywhere (not just in Mexico). Who knows why that is the case. Maybe we just more readily seek maternal intercession.

A photo that I took last September of an exceedingly beautiful image of St. Ann, in her Shrine in Québec.

Saints Joachim and Ann are our grandparents in Christ. As we turn to them in our thoughts and prayers today, let us remember to pray for our own grandparents. And for those of you who are grandparents, ask these saints to intercede for your children and grandchildren!

An image of Mary as an infant. Also a very popular devotion here in Mexico.

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