How to Start a Fire

Self-lighting charcoal briquettes are not commonly used in Mexico. Instead, charcoal comes in a bag in rough sizes, one sometimes has to break it into smaller chunks, and then it takes a bit of effort to get it going.

Having an industrial-size fan makes it a bit easier:


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One Response to How to Start a Fire

  1. Warm Southern Breeze says:

    That’s smart. VERY smart! It’s certainly a whole lot smarter than using petroleum accelerants which not only foul the food flavor, but the misuse of which are often the most common cause of serious injuries from outdoor cooking. When I smoke pork shoulder barbecue, or any other meat requiring many hours of cooking (ribs, brisket, etc.), I use only wood – no charcoal – and have found on many occasions that an inexpensive, hand-held blow dyer is a handy-dandy fire starting aid.

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