Chiuso Per Ferie

During the month of August one often sees the sign “Chiuso per Ferie” – “closed for holidays” – on the doors of shops in Rome. Given that forecasts for this time of the year are often for daily highs above 100 degrees, and air conditioning is still not very widely-used there, it’s a wise tradition to close up shop and head for cooler zones!

It dawned on me this morning that with the various things I have scheduled while I am home in the States, I’ll probably not find much time for blogging. I’m sure there will be some days that I’ll have ideas of things to post, so I won’t put up a “chiuso” – “closed” sign… but instead the sign might say, “greatly reduced activity for holidays”.

I pray that everyone is having a good summer. In a few weeks I’ll get back to more regular posting here!

Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain

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