This Is Your Life

UPDATE: It must have been a glitch in their system – later on the schedule was updated, with the times reverting to the original ones. I guess there won’t be a scenic aerial tour of the Midwest anymore. Drats. Strange that they did not send me a new schedule change notification when they fixed everything! I guess someone pushed the wrong button at Delta last night…

Original post follows:

* * *

I just got a notification from Delta that, although my flight is still leaving on schedule, it is going to arrive much later.

I don’t know how a flight from New York to Boston can take three and a half hours. Maybe it will include a scenic flyover of the entire Midwest?

The Delta agent with whom I spoke could give me no reason for this.


This will wait until the morning…

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5 Responses to This Is Your Life

  1. Lita says:

    Good luck with that!

  2. EJMH says:

    We will wave in the dark as you fly over. 😊

  3. Sandy Wells says:

    Good morning, Father: Must have been a computer glitch – just checked our SABRE airline rez system – DL3385 departs JFK 730pm and arrives 912pm .

  4. george c says:

    You could walk faster . lol good luck

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