Note on Ads

I recently heard from a friend that some ads were appearing on the blog. I was sorry to hear that. Upon further investigation I found out the following:

  • For blogs hosted at no cost (like this one), WordPress occasionally displays ads in different locations on the blog.
  • If you have a account and are logged in while you are reading the blog, you won’t ever see any ads. They are only displayed for those without accounts.

I could buy an upgrade package so that ads are never displayed for anyone, but the cost is not worth it to me and the blog is not that important. Hopefully this won’t be a big problem.

And remember, if you are visiting the blog via a normal computer (i.e. not a tablet or smartphone) you can always get an ad-blocking extension for your web browser. Maybe such extensions even exist for tablet and smartphone browsers; I don’t know.

I use Google Chrome with the AdBlockPlus extension installed, and rarely – if ever – see any online advertising. It’s wonderful.

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