Shakerized, Not Stirred

Down the street from where I live here in Rome (on the way to the Trevi Fountain), there is a restaurant that is Italian, but more in the sort of swanky American style: big, good space inside, nice lighting, trendy décor, burgers on the menu, etc. In other words, it’s not your typical cramped-with-checkered-tablecloths local place. I’ve never eaten there, as it’s pricey.

Well, here is a photo of one of the windows. I always enjoy reading it. It advertises that they serve cocktails – with alcohol and without (analcolici). They come mixed (miscelati), crushed (pestati*), or shaken (shakerati). That last word is what I enjoy – while Italian has a few different ways to say “shake”, they have imported the English word instead (which surely sounds more hip and trendy) when speaking of a mixed drink. I wouldn’t be surprised if, seeing this on a tourist menu, they were to translate it back to English as “shakerized”! Menu translations are fun.

Pay no attention to the surveillance camera reflected from the background.

* More on “pestati”: the verb has some connection with crushing in a pestle; perhaps it refers to drinks that are muddled, like a mojito? Who knows. Maybe some day I’ll go there and find out!

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One Response to Shakerized, Not Stirred

  1. Jenna says:

    “Shakerized”–because the Shakers weren’t just famous for their furniture, but now also apparently for their Italian cocktails…? 😉

    (And on that note…”Shakerati” sounds like it would be the exact opposite of “glitterati.”)

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