Street Art

Street art (read: graffiti) is a problem all over Europe, like the rest of the world. I’ve been in at least two cities in Europe and one in Latin America where they try to deal with the problem by designating certain areas where artists can make their mark. It seems to work in some places; others not.

Here in Rome there is “street art” everywhere. The whole city is a canvas. Some of it is nice; much of it is an eyesore.

See if you can spot it.

The artist apparently responsible for altering signs like this is a Frenchman named Clet Abraham. He seems to be fairly well-known, give the results that come up in Google searches. What he is doing is illegal, and he really shouldn’t do it.

But, I suppose we can say, at least his work is endearing and even devotional…!

Update: Here is another photo I had in the “archives” from earlier this year of another sign that Abraham “adjusted” near where I live:

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