Mass at St. Peter’s

A friend suggested last night that we go down to St. Peter’s this morning for Mass. So we did. It was an early start, since it’s a half hour walk there and we had to be there by the time they opened at 7:00am.

Rome is very quiet on Saturday and Sunday mornings. There were very few people out on the way to the Vatican. By the time we left after Mass (around 8am) some groups were starting to emerge. By mid-day it will be the normal mob scene.

Our view as we crossed back over the Tiber on the way back. Somewhat grainy cell phone photo.

I offered Mass for my family today.

On the way back we stopped in a few churches we hadn’t seen previously. One of them was the Basilica di San Giacomo in Augusta (Basilica of St. James in Augusta – Augusta is the name of the neighborhood). This church was completed about the year 1600 and was situated next to a “hospital for uncurables” – surely a bit of a sad place.

The church is in an oval shape and instead of there being a dome, there is just a large canopy-like ceiling over the entire nave.

The Most Holy Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary receive St. James into heavenly glory following his martyrdom.

Moving from the sublime to the ridiculous, we also saw on the way back a typical Italian furniture store, selling various pieces of the “Italian-European Minimalist” style that is all the rave right now (I usually identify it as “eurotrash”). Wouldn’t you like to have this loveseat in your home?

O Italy, how far you’ve fallen in the artistic world.

I wonder if an air pump is included with the purchase?

Happy Sunday!

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