Our Lord, Our Friend

“The more He loved those for whom He was the ransom, the more His anguish would increase, as it is the faults of friends rather than enemies which most disturb hearts.”

— Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Life of Christ

The above is one of countless poignant and thought-provoking passages in this wonderful book by the great American preacher, Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Great and highly recommended spiritual reading for all.

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One Response to Our Lord, Our Friend

  1. John Miscik says:

    When I was youngster, we children used to get together in one home to watch Bishop Sheen. He was a very pious bishop and his message was always easy to understand. He did everything for JMJ – Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Also, he always had something funny to say that made you laugh. I have several of his books but not the one you listed and I will get a copy. Thank you for bringing back these great memories of this wonderful bishop. Have a blessed day. John Miscik

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