Dominican Nuns

This afternoon I paid a brief visit to the Dominican Nuns in the Monte Mario neighborhood of Rome (on a hill north of the Vatican). In their monastery church they keep an ancient icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, said to have been painted by St. Luke himself.

A capture from a video of the Pope’s visit there in June 2010; Mother Mary Angelica is standing there just behind the Holy Father and the icon of Our Lady (NOT the icon that I was talking about above, FYI), and a younger sister greets the Pope.

When then-Pope Benedict XVI visited them in 2010 there were 15 sisters. Today there are only 11 remaining. Whenever I go there, they ask for prayers for vocations.

Will you say a Hail Mary right now for that intention? Will you share this post (using one of the buttons below) so that others will pray for this intention?

The elderly sister with whom I spoke on the phone this morning (to find out when I could pay a visit) answered the call by saying “Ave Maria”, and concluded it with “May the Lord bless your ministry”. I love it!

In the brief homily that Pope Benedict XVI addressed to the Sisters during his visit there, he had this to say about their monastic vocation:

The form of contemplative life, which you received from the hands of St Dominic in the manner of the cloister, places you as living, vital members in the heart of the Mystical Body of the Lord, which is the Church; and just as the heart makes the blood circulate and keeps the whole body alive, so your hidden existence with Christ, where work and prayer alternate, helps to sustain the Church, the instrument of salvation for every person whom the Lord has redeemed with his Blood.

It is scary to think what the world would be like if there were not so many cloistered nuns, living a quiet, hidden life and praying for us all! And it’s obvious, if we take a look around us and turn on the news, that we need their numbers to increase! So again, let’s say a prayer that the Lord might call more young women to consecrate their lives to Him through this community and other faithful monasteries as well.

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