Message in a Bottle

No, this post is not about the song by The Police, but if it’s now in your head, you’re welcome!

Vatican Insider has an interesting article today (in Italian, but if they post a translation I’ll change the link) about the Pope’s mail.

He gets a lot of it. Around 2,000 letters per day, to be precise, some of which arrives rather mysteriously – sort of like a “message in a bottle”.

The logo of the Vatican Post Office

According to the article, some of the mail arrives without postage, without a complete address, or even without an address at all!

I remember when I received a Christmas card from back home last year – [self pity] alas, one of the few times of the year I actually receive mail! [/self-pity] – with a regular first-class stamp on it. It was amazing that it ever got outside the US, since international postage is more than double!

The author notes that “almost everyone adds a phone number in the hope of receiving a call” – it certainly has been noted in the news how Pope Francis enjoys making phone calls and has called many people, to their great surprise.

It also says that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI still receives bundles of mail each day as well.

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  1. Flannery says:

    That was a good article! Thanks for linking to it – it was really good practice for my Italian too…

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