Quest for Organization

Many people have had the impression over the years that I am an organized person, but those who really know me (or at least have seen my office or room) know that’s not true.

This morning I made a list of things to do that I thought would be reasonable for the day, but looking at it now, I see that I only got through a small portion of it.

Google has an app for organization now. But until these apps actually start doing the work for me, I’m afraid they’re not very helpful.

Well, the day’s over and I’m off to say my prayers. And pray (once again, for the eight millionth time) that I might somehow unlock the organization gene that is so active in certain other family members but appears to have come down to me quite regressively. But that’s part of the problem: genetics obviously have some effect, but more than biology, it’s a matter of personal discipline, good habits, renunciation, and so forth.

Lord, help!

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3 Responses to Quest for Organization

  1. John Miscik says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. It is a human trait more common than not. The answer is self discipline. You practice that when you make yourself say your prayers and many other things you make yourself do. Peace and blessings. John

  2. Lisa and Dave McCord says:

    We are praying for you…one of us is highly organized and the other…not so much. The organized one of us prays for patience in dealing with the other’s disorganization, and we both pray for the unorganized one to get on board.

  3. Lita says:

    You are extremely intelligent, that’s a better gift!

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