John Paul I on the Rosary

Back in July I posted a homily that had been delivered in 1973 by then-Cardinal Luciani – later to be Pope John Paul I for 33 days in 1978, before his untimely death.

Pope John Paul I

Since we are in the Month of the Holy Rosary, I thought I would point you again to that excellent homily. It is worth reading every word of it. To remind you of it and whet your appetite, here is an excerpt:

The crisis of the Rosary is not the main issue. What takes precedence today is the crisis of prayer in general. People are wholly taken up by their material interests, they think very little of their souls. Noise has gradually invaded our existence. Well might Macbeth repeat: “I have murdered sleep, I have murdered silence!” For the interior life and the dulcis sermocinatio or gentle conversation with God, people have difficulty finding a free moment. What a tragedy. Donoso Cortes said: “The world is in a bad way today because there is more fighting than prayer.” Community liturgies are developing, which is certainly a great blessing, but it is not enough: we also need our personal conversation with God.

Read the whole thing here!

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