Saint Faustina

I almost forgot that today was the feast day of St. Faustina, the “Apostle of Divine Mercy” and another fairly recent saint!

I’m sure that many of you have read her diary. If you haven’t read it, it is good spiritual reading and highly recommended.

A photograph of our saint.

Here is a prayer that St. Faustina wrote which I have always liked; it is on one of the first few pages of her diary:

O my God,
When I look into the future, I am frightened,
But why plunge into the future?
Only the present moment is precious to me,
As the future may never enter my soul at all.

It is no longer in my power,
To change, correct or add to the past;
For neither sages nor prophets could do that.
And so, what the past has embraced I must entrust to God.

O present moment, you belong to me, whole and entire.
I desire to use you as best I can.
And although I am weak and small,
You grant me the grace of your omnipotence.
And so, trusting in Your mercy,
I walk through life like a little child,
Offering You each day this heart
Burning with love for Your greater glory.

I talked with an elderly priest recently who had known one of St. Faustina’s confessors. He highly recommended to me the prayer of the Divine Mercy Chaplet. More information on that wonderful prayer at this page!

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