Forty Days for Life

Over here in Rome I am fairly disconnected from what is happening back home, since I don’t get the One Voice (diocesan newspaper), [self pity] or really any mail at all, for that matter [/self pity]… but I understand that the 40 Days for Life campaign is running again in Birmingham. A nice lady from there contacted me to request that I say some Masses for that intention.

So, starting today, for nine days total, my daily Mass intention is: “For the Permanent Closing of Planned Parenthood in Birmingham and the Conversion of its Staff”.

¡Qué así sea! May it be so!

(Speaking of mail, I wouldn’t be surprised if this post didn’t get me some interesting “fan email” from the trolls who seem to patrol the internet for topics like this…)

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5 Responses to Forty Days for Life

  1. Ed Carrick says:

    Thank you, Father, for Masses! I saw your name on Sue’s list of Masses. We have 40 Days in all 5 cities in Alabama this fall. Birmingham is on its 11th consecutive campaign.
    I very much enjoy reading all of your writings.

  2. Janice Nelson says:

    Dear Father,
    Thank you so much from the 40 Days for Life Team in Birmingham. You can stay connected with the daily 40 Days for Life local news on Ed’s page or mine. Glory to God, nine mothers have decided for life in the first ten days.
    Prayers for you,

  3. Rob Kuehn says:

    You are probably right about trolls. The obscene stuff that gets posted on @pontifex is infuriating. Does seem to be less of it with Francis. Don’t know if Vatican IT figured out how to purge the garbage or the trolls are afraid to insult such a popular guy!!

  4. Anita Beckwith says:

    Fr. Jerabek, Thank you for praying for the intention of Planned Parenthoods permanent closing. My husband and I have participated in all 11 campaigns here in Birmingham. We know Janice and Ed very well. I also know a friend of yours, Flannery W., she introduced me to your blog. I have enjoyed reading it.

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