Early Start – St. Peter’s

I headed down to St. Peter’s bright and early (or dark and early, as it were) this morning to celebrate Mass for an old “internet friend” – someone I knew through Facebook or a blog or something back in the day. It was nice to finally meet!

Here was the view of St. Peter’s as I approached at about 6:30am. The moon was still fairly full – the full moon must have been yesterday or the day before, perhaps.

No traffic, I love it

And here was a little curiosity I saw in the sacristy: a cardinal must have been there to celebrate Mass, and didn’t want to wear his cassock under all the vestments! I don’t really blame him, since the humidity in Rome is still hovering around approx. 500%, and it gets pretty stuffy inside the Basilica.

I would have hoped that they could give a proper hanger to a cardinal, but…

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Bob Boffa says:

    Cardinal? Or a Confederate General? lol

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