More Impressions of Naples

Some more photos to share… (previous post here)

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The facade of the Cathedral, which is dedicated to Our Lady (many people think that it is dedicated to St. Januarius, whose chapel and relics is inside, but it’s not).

A side chapel in an interesting church called “St John on Carbonara Street” (the word “Carbonara” got my attention…). A gorgeous high relief altar piece; Our Lady is depicted assumed into heaven, surrounded by angels in heavenly glory, while the perplexed disciples on earth below look into her empty tomb, pondering on what happened.

A dome in some church; I can’t remember which one.

Mount Vesuvius, and the wake of our boat on the Bay of Naples. The way the perspective works, it looks as if our wake goes all the way back to the volcano. However, we never were really anywhere near it. It is probably a good two miles away here, if not more.

The lighthouse just outside the harbor of the Isle of Ischia.

A street on the Isle of Ischia. The weather was warm and very pleasant, but the official time for visiting islands and beaches in Italy has basically passed, so there were very few people around on the island.

An Aragonese castle/fortress/church that is on a rock just off the Isle of Ischia. You can faintly see the Isle of Capri off in the distance on the left side.

A beautiful monument on a square near the Jesuit Church in Naples. Not sure what it was commemorating; there were strange explosion sounds happening very nearby, so I didn’t spend much time hanging around to read inscriptions and take additional pictures.

And there we have the remainder of the pictures I took in Naples/Ischia that are worth sharing! Many churches in Naples prohibit photography. Sometimes it was posted clearly, sometimes it was not (I got reprimanded once, but I could swear there were no signs against it). I saw a number of other beautiful things that would be worth sharing, except I couldn’t photograph them. There is one other thing that I hope to share soon – about the famous sculpture of the Veiled Christ. Not only did I cough up the cash to enter that church (I am generally against paying to see churches), but I doled out some more cash to buy some paraphernalia. Amazing art.

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