Saints with Interesting Names

On the local liturgical calendar in Rome today is the Feast of Saint Gaspar del Bufalo. Gaspar (a variation on Caspar or Casper) was his first name, and his middle names were Melchior and Balthazar. So he was named after the Magi who visited the newborn Christ child.

Saint Gaspar founded the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, commonly known in the US as the “Precious Blood Fathers”. They were, at one time, quite a formidable religious order, though I think that they are in decline now.

Here is a photo of his tomb, which I took sometime last year. It is in the church of Santa Maria in Trivio, just to the left side of the Trevi Fountain.

His remains are beneath the statue of his body.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be heading over that way in a bit and will stop to say a prayer for you all! St. Gaspar, pray for us.


One of the Auxiliary Bishops of Rome was celebrating the Feast Day Mass there when I called in, so the church (which is not very big) was packed. I squeezed into the back, said a quick prayer in the general direction of St. Gaspar’s tomb, and left!

They had the church done up a bit for the feast day – a red curtain over the front door and candles on the steps:


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