Birmingham Days

In these days, 8% of our active diocesan priests (that is, 4 of us) from the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama are here in Rome, along with about 14 or so members of the Diocese’s faithful. They come from 4 different parishes.

The Cathedral of St. Paul, Birmingham, Alabama. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

I had lunch and dinner with some on Sunday, dinner with some last night, and will dine with the rest of them tonight. After this I will begin a 40 day fast. Just kidding.

Pray for all travelers!

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3 Responses to Birmingham Days

  1. Bob Boffa says:

    Lucky folks to be in the HOLY prescence of 4 Godly men,,,Blessed, still, to be in OUR FAITHS HOME LAND… the place of Peter and Paul,

  2. Sandy Wells says:

    Better put away those candy pumpkins… 🙂

    • Hahaha – they are safely stowed in my room, and our new guest policy prohibits us from having guests in our rooms, so that takes care of that! Now if only I can avoid eating them all before Halloween!

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