Feast of Blessed Pope John Paul II

Today is the Feast of Blessed Pope John Paul II, and also the 35th anniversary of the beginning of his Petrine Ministry in 1978 (he was elected on October 16th, but his pontificate was solemnly inaugurated on the 22nd).

First, congrats to all the students, teacher, staff, and alumni of Pope John Paul II Catholic High School on their feast day! I hope they have a nice celebration there today.

Pope John Paul II, praying the rosary while enjoying the great outdoors, one of his favorite places to be. [click to enlarge]

 Just slightly over six months from now, on April 27, 2014, Pope John Paul will be declared a saint. We of course all remember those banners from his funeral: Santo Subito! (Saint Now!). While it didn’t happen as quickly as some might have liked, it nevertheless is one of the fastest canonization processes in modern times.

AP Photo, found via Google Image Search

It’s remarkable to think about all that has happened in these 35 years!

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