Mass in a “Hidden” Chapel

Here is a blurry cell phone pic of me and Fr. Bresowar this evening after we celebrated Mass in a chapel that you will not find in any guidebook: Rome’s smallest Marian shrine, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Archetto (the “little arch”), which houses a miraculous image of Our Lady (above us in the photo). I think there is a clearer group photo, which I will post later once I get those files. Anyway, it was great to have the opportunity to celebrate in this tiny shrine.

Our Lady, Cause of Our Joy

The group is going someplace else tomorrow; on Friday we’ll have Mass in one of the catacombs, and on Saturday, in St. Peter’s.

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2 Responses to Mass in a “Hidden” Chapel

  1. hashtagcatholic says:

    Love this! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Janice Nelson says:

    God bless you and our beloved Birmingham priests in Rome.

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