Priests May Offer Three (3) Masses on All Souls

This is a reminder for brother priests and anyone else who is interested that priests have the right to offer three (3) Masses on All Souls Day, November 2nd. However, the intentions for the Masses are determined by the Church as follows:

1. For any intention (stipend may be accepted/retained)
2. For all the Faithful Departed (no stipend may be retained)
3. For the Holy Father’s intention (no stipend may be retained)

Priests who may wish to have more information on this (i.e., where it can be found in relevant legislation), please feel free to contact me using the form on this page and I will send you a document that I have prepared in this regard.

Souls in Purgatory, waiting for our prayers and Masses to help speed their release.

Some folks may be wondering what the big deal is here. After all, Father Lovejoy over at Our Lady of Holiness Parish regularly celebrates four Masses a day!

Well, the basic issue is that priests are generally not supposed to offer more than one Mass per weekday and two on Sundays, with there being the possibility of offering a second on weekdays and a third on Sundays under certain conditions. It is not always possible to follow these rules, given clergy shortages in some areas, and other reasons (some of which are valid and some of which are not). When I was in the parish I regularly had to celebrate two Masses on weekdays (occasionally, three) and three on Sundays (rarely more than that).

So, hopefully the above information will be helpful to those to whom it applies.

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