Prayer for the Intercession of Blessed Rolando Rivi

I previously wrote about the inspiring Italian seminarian martyr (and martyr for Catholic identity), Rolando Rivi, who was declared Blessed earlier this month. You can see those posts here and here.

While I am still attempting to establish contact with the folks at his Cause for Canonization and so obtain official approval for certain things, yet I am also receiving some contacts from people who have read my blog posts and want to know more about Bl. Rolando.

Therefore, I am taking the liberty of providing here a very literal (and unofficial!) translation of the official prayer for his intercession. If you copy this prayer down or put it on any web site, please note that it is an unofficial translation, for private use only!

“I belong to Jesus”


Unofficial Translation – Ad Usum Privatum

O God, merciful Father,
who choose the small to confound the powerful of the world,
I thank You for having given us, in the seminarian Rolando Rivi,
a testimony of total love for Your Son, Jesus, and the Church,
unto the sacrifice of his life.
Enlightened by this example, and through Rolando’s intercession,
I ask You to give me the strength always to be
a living sign of Your love in the world,
and I beg You to grant me the grace of [here state your petition],
which I ardently desire.

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