American Breakfast in Rome

I read someplace about a restaurant in Rome that was supposed to have a decent American-style breakfast (the priest I was with commented on how they always say “English-style breakfast” here, though). There are several restaurants that attempt to serve this sort of thing, with varying degrees of success. Anyhow, we stopped by this place I had heard about on our way back from St. Peter’s yesterday to check it out, and after inspecting the menu we decided to stay.

Note: “American breakfast” in Rome is about half as big as you get in the States and costs a bit more than twice as much.

Here, scrambled eggs and “bacon”:

That’s “toast” on the side. All of the ingredients were of the “slow food” variety.

The flavors were basically right. The eggs were, in fact, delicious: very light, and well-seasoned. The “bacon” is not really bacon; it is really guanciale, or smoked pork jowl, a very common cut of meat here that is delicious, even if it doesn’t taste exactly like bacon, since it comes from a different part of the pig. The “toast” did not have butter on it and no jam was offered, though I suppose we could have asked for some.

So, a little taste of home – sort of.

Happy Sunday!

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3 Responses to American Breakfast in Rome

  1. Joanna Smith says:

    Your smile is infectious Father Jerabek! We miss you so much here at Holy Spirit, Alabama— Out of curiosity what is a standard Rome, Italy breakfast? Something tells me you don’t see much of southern cooking, especially breakfast standards: Southern biscuits and gravy, pancakes and waffles, cheese grits and cream with a little bit of coffee and sugar added! LOL Seriously though we all do miss you!

    • Here where I live we usually have scrambled eggs available (though recently they were apparently serving scrambled egg yolks, given that the egg whites had been used in some recipe…), as well as cereal and some bread with peanut butter and butter, etc. But I don’t go down for breakfast ordinarily. A normal Italian breakfast is a shot of very strong coffee, a pastry that is approximate 50% air and 50% sugar/chocolate, and a cigarette. OK, the cigarette part is (sort of) a joke, but the rest of that is what folks eat for breakfast. Breakfast is not a very big deal here.

      • Joanna Smith says:

        Hmmm…. well, I’ve noticed that most of the time dinner has the preferred meal choice whenever our favorite priests come to visit but if I know next time you’re in town we would love to spoil you rotten and have you over for breakfast! Anything you want — yummy 🙂

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