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A couple of days ago I posted a photo of the shop window at Gammarelli’s, featuring a chasuble for All Souls’ Day.

Here is a recent shot of one of the windows at the nearby Barbiconi’s, featuring a chasuble that is better suited to All Saints’ Day.

A base of white silk with gold threads in it, entirely hand-embroidered with gold bullion thread.

Of course, it was necessary to go inside and ask how much it costs.

The answer? €7,000.00 for the full set (chasuble, stole, maniple, burse, veil). That’s Euros. In dollars, it is just $9,500.00.

Oh, at this point someone will start howling about how this is so excessive and how dare anyone buy something like this when the money could be given to the poor!!!!!!!

Well, I will make two simple points:
1. Beautiful vestments give honor and glory to God and edify his people. I always get positive feedback when I wear nice vestments.
2. These things, when taken care of, last for hundreds of years. So they edify several generations of priests and people. These are long term investments.

…And this is a long term investment that I won’t be making, as it is far beyond my means!

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  1. Vestment patterns are pretty basic sewing. With the right fabric, say $60/yd, , you can have a beautiful chasuable for far less. I’m always amazed at what the catalogs charge for double knit, fairly plain, everyday vestments. Barely under $1000.

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