Now’s Your Chance!

What are your special prayer intentions?

On Thursday morning, I will be going with a pilgrimage group to celebrate Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. We have the altar of the tomb of St. Peter reserved. In the photograph below, you can see the main altar of St. Peter’s, under which is the saint’s tomb. The staircase going down is the area called the “confessio”. Directly beneath where the photographer is standing is the chapel that we have reserved for the group. So when you’re down in that chapel, you can look right into that area where the staircase is, behind which is St. Peter’s tomb. Photo:

Have a special intention that you would like me to remember there?

Send it to me using the form below. On Thursday, before I go to the Basilica, I will print out all the requests and bring them with me (and also remove this form from the blog post).

(There is a small chance that we will not have Mass at that altar, e.g. if a Bishop or Cardinal or Someone More Important wants to have a group there, but in any case, I will remember your intentions before the tomb of St. Peter whether we have Mass in that exact spot or not.)

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