Reading the Tea Leaves

I am still not watching or reading the news, but I did see something, someplace the other day that was making a fairly big deal about Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit with Pope Francis. (Probably on a bus monitor or someplace else where random news bits scroll by…)

Tea leaves. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

You all will have to tell me, but it is probably a safe bet that someone is using this for their own motives, making more of it than it is, etc., if that little news blurb that I happened upon was any indication. On the one hand, there is the secular side of things, and the fact that Russia has taken different stands than the U.S. with regard to certain happenings in the Mideast: Could this be an indication that Pope Francis wants to send a signal to President Obama? Etc… Then, there is the spiritual side of things: Could Pope Francis be working towards an imminent deal with the Patriarchate of Moscow? Again, “Etc…”

So many possibilities! So much ink to spill and words to blather!

Well, this evening I saw an interesting post on the traditionalist blog, Rorate Cæli. They maintain that there is no need to read the tea leaves on this event and make it into something extraordinary; it is, after all, the seventh time that a president of post-communist Russia has met with a pope in the past 22 years. In other words, first and foremost, this is political business as usual. Read the whole thing at their site.

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