Month of All Souls

A reminder: November is a month of more intense prayer for the faithful departed! Surely they will pray for us when they enter into heavenly glory, grateful for our help.

Souls getting out of Purgatory by means of a Rosary; from Michelangelo’s Last Judgment fresco in the Sistine Chapel.

Many people have the laudable devotion of offering prayers for those souls in Purgatory for whom no one else prays. I think there are a lot of them nowadays, given how under-appreciated prayer for the dead is in some areas! And also judging by the things that I hear people say, about how “so-and-so is surely in heaven smiling upon us”. Surely? Maybe they would like to smile upon us from heaven, if only we’d pray to help them get out of Purgatory a little sooner!

Pray for the faithful departed every day!

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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One Response to Month of All Souls

  1. Charlotte says:

    We have a special set of prayers we pray as nighttime family prayers for the souls in Purgatory along with a little candle display that holds the funeral cards and pictures of some of our departed loved ones. I was telling our children that when my grandparents passed away, they actually left money set aside and stipulations in their will that the money was to be used to have Masses said for them. Anyone in the family could use that money to have a Mass said in their home parish for the repose of their souls. None of us had never heard of that being done before but we were all really impressed at their forethought and intend to do the same too.

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