Ordination This Saturday

This Saturday, December 7th, at 10:00am, a number of men from the Diocese of Birmingham will be ordained by Bishop Baker to the Permanent Diaconate at the Cathedral of St. Paul. I have met several of the men to be ordained, and look forward to their good service in the diocese.

Detail of a painting by Vittore Carpaccio from the year 1511, of the ordination to the diaconate of St. Stephen. St. Peter is the one ordaining.

Please pray for them as they make the final preparations for their ordination.

And, you might consider going, if you are able to be in Birmingham on Saturday – again, 10:00am in the Cathedral of St. Paul!

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One Response to Ordination This Saturday

  1. bhmcatholic@charter.net says:

    Yes, I’ll try to come. Thank you for the reminder. They are in my prayers. With prayers for you also, Janice Nelson

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