Something Nice for Mary

In Italy they had special permission to celebrate the Immaculate Conception yesterday. But since I live in an American house we typically follow the American liturgical calendar (though we could have – and some did – take advantage of the special permission in the Italian calendar yesterday). So I celebrated Mass for the feast this evening.

A friend suggested I use one of his chasubles for the occasion. It is a Roman-style chasuble and is very nice.

Here I am, facing God, or “facing in the same direction as the people” (in this case, in the same direction as the angels, since no humans were present for Mass – angels are people too, you know), in our little Sacred Heart Chapel here at Casa Santa Maria:

The picture does not do this chasuble justice. Neither does the “model”. I posed for this picture, by the way, before I started Mass.

(Not that there is any other option for celebration: the altar is attached to the wall in this little oratory, notwithstanding the fact that I like celebrating that way, as I have written before.)

Happy feast day!

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