Do Whatever He Tells You

The central section of the Holy Matrimony window in the Our Lady of Hope Chapel at Pope John Paul II Catholic High School, Huntsville, Alabama.

Marriage is the vocation to which the majority of men and women are called, and it is so great a calling that Christ made it the occasion for working His first public miracle. The happy newlyweds are seated in the center of this scene, with our Blessed Mother and her Son on either side of them. (Christ and His Mother should be guests at our parties as well!) Our Lady intercedes on the couple’s behalf concerning the lack of wine, and then instructs the servants: “Do whatever He tells you”; Christ, for His part, gives the command to pour the water into the jars. As the water is poured, it turns into fine wine mid-stream (John 2:1-11). With this miracle, His public ministry begins, which will ultimately lead Him to the Cross. We are reminded that marriage is a matter of great joy; however, it must always be “surrounded” by our Blessed Mother and our Lord, for at various times the wine, as it were, will inevitably run out and the cross will appear in a way that it had not previously. But with Mary’s intercession and Christ’s intervention, joy can be restored and the relationship can keep aging, like a fine wine.

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