Italian Delicacies

I’m back in Rome now; thanks for your prayers!

Here is a photo I recently took of a local shop window. This store sells Italian delicacies (with a few French items mixed in, such as foie gras). There are three items of particular interest in this photo. First, the photo:

The items of interest are: the black truffles (tartufo nero), 42 Euros ($57) per 100 grams (about 1/4 lb.); the white truffles (tartufo bianco), 270 Euros ($367) per 100 gr.; and that chunk of parmesan cheese that is wrapped in red paper, being the special kind of parmesan that comes from the milk of a rare breed of red cows in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. I have never tasted it, but I am told that it has a slightly sweeter flavor than regular parmesan, and that it is meant to be eaten on its own rather than be grated over pasta or otherwise included in recipes. As for the truffles, they are a major produce of Italy, especially the Umbria region (where Assisi is located).

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