¡Qué pena! Pope calls nuns, has to leave message

Via the Rorate Caeli blog I saw this fun bit of news: on December 31st the Pope called some nuns in Spain; they didn’t answer, so he left a message and called them back later. They saved the audio of his message, so we can all hear it now as well.

Click this link to hear the message. The “video” should start playing automatically, though at first it might display the message “contenido no disponible” (content not available). Just wait a moment and it should load automatically.

Here is my translation of what the Pope said:

What are the nuns doing, that they can’t answer? This is Pope Francis. I wanted to greet you at this year end. I’ll see if I can call you back later. God bless you.

What is not news is that the Pope likes to make phone calls and reach out to people directly. Many people even write to him now including their phone number in the letter, in the hopes that he will call.

There was an article in the Italian press a few months back that quoted the Pope himself admitting to “blowing money” on phone calls – but he added that he made up for it with the savings of living at Casa Santa Marta instead of in the Apostolic Palace (source).


Based on the time that he apparently called the Sisters (11:45am), they were probably saying their mid-day prayers. But what a surprise it must have been to get that message later on!

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