Just Making It Into Purgatory

Many Catholics express the hope that they can “just make it into” Purgatory.

But let’s think about what this possibly-mediocre wish entails.

First of all, imagine Purgatory to be like a mountain that has to be climbed (taking the famous image from Dante’s Purgatorio). Then, think about the fact that you will have already spent some 70, 80, or 90 years, give or take, on this earth, which is not an easy place to be.

An illustration of Dante’s conception of Purgatory, from a 15th century Italian manuscript.

After all that, do you really want to start again?
Do you want to start at the bottom of the mountain?

Let’s not aim low; let’s aim high. If we dedicate ourselves more to prayer, the Lord will show us the way.

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