My Entrée into the Hungarian Press

My entrée into the Hungarian press continues afoot. About a year ago, there was this – a photo and a blurb about what Christmas is like in the United States, in a Hungarian-language Catholic newspaper (that I think is published in Slovakia). I wrote it in Italian, my classmate translated it into the incomprehensible language (Hungarian):

I hope I wasn’t misquoted!

Now, there is this – my classmate asked if I had a photo of the Pope that he could use for the cover a book (which is some of the writings of the Pope, translated into Hungarian); i.e., they needed something that was royalty-free:

I kind of wish they had faded out the head in the foreground as well, like they did with everyone in back.

My “payment” for the photo, on the author page.

I’m not sure what this portends for the future, but I will go on record here as saying that I am available to provide photos and copy for publications in other obscure languages and far-off places!

(Just joking – not meaning to bash Hungary; it is a beautiful country and its people are wonderful, even if the language is exceedingly difficult!)

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